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Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Cryo-Save would like to make its services available to as many people as possible, therefore we have developed a range of payment options. Tailored, because each client is unique.

Once the registration fee has been paid, and the stem cells successfully stored, we can offer you the following ways to pay the service fee:

  • payment in full (by invoice)
  • interest free payments (by direct debit) in 3 consecutive months
  • payment of an annual fee for an indefinite period of time. Rolls over automatically
  • tailor-made payment plan* (12-60 months). Click on for the application form

* Cryo-Save Health payment plan

Cryo-Save works together with Health payment plan. With Health payment plan you can make arrangements which suit your personal circumstances and thanks to our collaboration with Health payment plan, you can choose to set up a payment plan to spread the costs over a longer period of time.

You will receive the amount as a lump sum, from Health payment plan so you can pay your Cryo-Save invoice.